Urban innovation toolkit

Guiding public authorities to experiment in cities

Given the perceived risk of innovation using tax-payers’ money and the tendency to apply technology-centered innovation; we set out to create a replicable framework, which would help civil servants structure conversations with key stakeholders to define, refine and de-risk innovation projects.

The process evidences essential areas that are sometimes overlooked (problems, stakeholders, methods, evidence, impact) and identifies where these are interconnected, or where they need further consideration.

The toolkit enables teams to:

  • Design, test and evaluate ‘smart city’ initiatives
  • De-risk experimentation with technology
  • Understand barriers to innovation before full deployment
  • Help innovative solutions to succeed
  • Articulate a business case for change
  • Demonstrate a commitment to impact

Status: Alpha prototype

Project team at Future Cities Catapult: Geoffrey Stevens, Gyorgyi Galik, Sylvia Tippmann, Paul Cowie and Belen Palacios

Project team at Umbrellium: Usman Haque, Andrew Caleya and Ling Tan