An unplugged space to discuss technology

TREE|HUB gathered designers, technologists and aficionados for discussions questioning and reimagining our everyday.

Programme of conversations and hosts:

  • What we talk about when we talk about the internet – James Bridle
  • Is technology an extension of the body? – Daniel Charny
  • Experiencing cities – PAN studio
  • Back to the Future 4: Marty time travels to 2035 – Dominic Wilcox
  • Whose data is it, anyway? – Judith Carr
  • Nature – Tuur van Balen
  • Toilets, looking and me – Tobie Kerridge
  • Free press – Des Freedman
  • Making future economies for makers – Gregory Epps (Robofold) & Sarat Babu (Betatype)
  • The golden age of internet piracy – Stuart Bannocks
  • Wearable technology: the past, the present and the future – Clara Gaggero
  • Remix and copy culture – Hardcore Software

Part of London Design Festival 2013
Sponsors: Award for Professional Development by ISA Charity and Grown in Britain
Concept and project manager: Belen Palacios
Designers: Belen Palacios, Birute Bikelyte, Charles Duffy and Mariana Fabris