The voice of making

Evidencing the stories behind our clothes

The voice of making is the result of a search to evidence the human presence behind the fashion industry. It focuses on the expression of the self through the capture of hand gestures during the production process, and is combined with the recording of personal stories, memories or thoughts from the workers at Pespow (Italian fashion company).

"The hand is the window onto the mind."

Immanuel Kant

The legacy of measurements and theories surrounding movement is a testimony to the need to understand our actions better in order to outline what defines ‘us' as humans. The representation of actions has been inspired by the work of those that captured movement previous to the appearance of film, those who created choreography languages, engineering motion studies and those who theorised on the legibility and meaning of our labour.

Based on an interest in the relationship between people and technology, this project considers the individuals and their way of belonging in the ‘industrial machine’. How can we maintain a sense of identity, while being a cog in the machinery of a globalised world?

Exhibited: Museo Casa Giorgione, Castelfranco Veneto (Italy), September 2016
Curators: Francesco Vedovato and Roberto Melchiori
Comissioned by Pespow Creative Residency (2015)