A service for experimentation with urban data

OrganiCity is a prototype of a public service that enables anyone in a city to experiment with urban data. By providing this access, it aims to create an accessible and democratic perception of the digital city.

The innovative pillars of the service are: systematic experimentation as a method to deploy in the city; co-creation across stakeholders to ensure people remain at the core; federated ethics and privacy to protect people and data; and management of liability and intellectual property rights.

Our team at Future Cities Catapult has focused on the service design approach (through blueprints and maps of actors), leading the engagement and refining the touchpoints with different stakeholders (through interviews, workshops, events and designing the open call process to select experiments).

Based on the requirements from experimenters, we have advised the software development team on UX and UI design for different tools of the service.

As part of the service, we have created a series of documents to support the internal team and the external teams who experiment.

The creation of the visual identity and website were crucial pieces of storytelling to simplify a complex project with a wide variety of users.

Visit the OrganiCity website

Content lead: Belen Palacios
Project manager: Matthew Fox
Project team at Future Cities Catapult: John Lynch, Belen Palacios, Laura Pye, Katinka Schaaf, Ruko Kuga, Felipe Caro, Saravjit Rihal and Matthew Carreau
Funded by: European Commission
Project partners: Future Cities Catapult, Intel, Imperial College London, Aarhus University, Aarhus Municipality, Alexandra Institute, Santander Municipality, Universidad de Cantabria, TST, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Lulea University of Technology, CTI, CEA and University of Melbourne

2015 - 2018